“In the blink of an eye, it’s all over.” inside her head, there was a little room, where she has stored the feeling of lost opportunity.Her eyes were filled with tears, Once again, failure knocked her door with another challenge.Somehow she knew that this is a depressing period but it is a stepping stone to her dream.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose” such is the thinking that gives her strength to get up & go for what she wants.She was a dreamer who believes to put her dreams into actions.

Walk in the jungle & know what Live-Free means.
But today, many people are afraid to take risks or should I say out of laziness, they don’t dare to enter the No-Entry zone.Their “that’s-what-I’ve-always-wanted-to-do-but-who-will-do-this-much-labor-yaar” attitude is covering their eyes & encouraging them not to go with their dreams.
But, dismally, sooner or later something-is-missing feeling will strike them and strange awkward sadness will show its way!Hopefully, at that point of life you’ll realise that right now,you are not happy with what you are doing, what kinda life are you living,whatever you’re carrying out, that’s something you never wanted to do.

….and Then, at certain point of life,Blame-Blame game will be ON. In a flash, Nature will not be kind on you. Failures from all directions will come & hit you. You’ll become a poor sufferer, asking for mercy from God. Bla Bla Bla….
Deadly Consequences!
Hence proved : Don’t dare to do, what you don’t want to do. Dare to Dream, then do it.

Don’t die with an excuse, don’t curse your destiny for not doing what you’ve always wanted to do. It was you,only you at the end, who wasted his entire life making the best possible excuse to make fool out of yourelf. Ask your inner voice, “Is this something what you’ve always wanted to do?”
Hell no…many people have given do-what-you-want signal to their lives & are living in ho-hum world.Their lives are like daily motion of the sun throughout the year.
You know your life is heading in a questionable direction. Stop singing “Don’t wake me up” . It’s never too late. Wake Up and Follow your dreams, they know the way. Don’t expect every turn to be smooth, every wayfarer to be nice, just enjoy the twists. When all would be said & done, you’ll get one of the best version of your life.

( And yeah…may be in some corner of the world,before narrating/flaunting your mesmerizing-ride-to-ur-dreams,u’ll need to
blink an eye to someone sexy n wud say “Oops! I lost my connection. Can I link with you?” 😛 )



Who is my reader?


Why did I make this blog? Who do I write for?

Many of us write for ourselves-we scribble our innermost thoughts in journals. Some of us prefer to save those thoughts in personal diary & some don’t mind to reveal it in public.

Well, I won’t hesitate to confess that I’m the one, who not much believe in exhibiting her writings in public.I just write, hoping to amuse myself. I figure if I like it then there’s got to be others who like it too.

But in the past few days an instant thought striked my mind,an inner-desire generated,which insisted me to put my thoughts on display.A part of me strongly feels that May be we’re too busy in growing up & making a living, that unintentionally we’re ignoring the other possibilities waiting for us on the floor.

Don’t try to be over-come/conquer the people at every stage of life, else the day is not far,when your over-confidence will turn your sanity into vanity,in a blink of eye. And at that point, you won’t attempt to unravel the cause of your failure.Concentrate on yourself, try to be a better person than you’re yesterday.

There are thousands of avatars amid a sea of pixels.Each one with a different flow speed, destination & passage-way.Then why to compare our lives with others.

Let’s give a new turn to our lives. Let’s find out the things that provide us immense pleasure & leaves their foot-prints as a sense of satisfaction inside us.The paint-brush of our life is in our hand,so why to wait for painting it with our best-loved colors.You dont need a reason for doing everything in your life.Do it because you want to.Because it’s fun.Because it makes you happy.No matter what your fondness is, there should be a permanent urge to do what you want. Else your life would be no different than just another day of animals in the domain.Make out the best benefits of being human. You never know where your karma will lead you in next birth 😛

Leave the world behind and sense the feeling of being alive. You won’t find REGRET & UNDO option on your smart phone after 20-40 years.So just get out of your 24*7 online world & sense the liveliness of real world a bit. Trust me, It’s not that bad! 🙂