That’s My Sky….


And one day, I’d like another sky. I poured my brain & heart into this, may be I’ll disagree with my current perception in two years, b’coz that’s the nature of being my age, but for now, it’s the most powerful thing I can feel.

I’m tired of barely living in a world that always told me the point of this life is to go out there and look for gold. They say, love is everywhere. I say, fake-ness is in the air. Yeah.. I cannot say 100%, we all are aware of the real ratio.

Every time they question my relationship status, the process of snapping of xyz question marks, full stops & advises overflow! Well, I’m comfortable enough to just say it: I’m single. Yup. That’s me. I’m solo. I eat alone. The problem ain’t the guys. The problem ain’t the digital age. It’s me. I’m the problem. I need to see all the ways I am standing in my own way before I ever welcome someone else into that equation, thinking they can solve it for me.

The story of how I got to that point is for another day but I know I packed a full suitcase for the girl I used to be yrs back and I sent her off with one way ticket in her hand. And I literally want to deliver this short note to all my single friends out there, rather than concentrating on why-the-hell-I-repel-opp-sex?!? , start focusing on Hell-Yeah!-I’m-fuckin-awesome!!

When you can stand before yourself-in a mirror, in a car or wherever you do all the internal talking-and say, ” I’m okay alone. I’m cool on my own way. I’m legitimate. They should right rap anthems about me. I’m single and that doesn’t mean I’m not complete.”

We’ve heard this saying hell a lot of times “Love yourself first, before anyone else!” But on a serious note, how many of us actually tried to implement it ?!? For me, If you don’t love yourself in the right way, you can’t love your neighbour. You can’t be as good as you are supposed to be.

Man…We’re still babies with something to prove. Instead of 500 pieces, there’d be suddenly 1000 pieces. And if u’ve ever tried to assemble two puzzles at once you draw a lot of conclusions quickly: when you share your life with someone- you realise it’s two puzzles. No matter how “one” you become there are still two puzzles scattered on the table. If you’re single I think it’s probably better to resolve and say: okay, I’ve my own pieces right now. Only mine. So I’ll do my best to figure out the pieces I’m holding while there is still just one puzzle to solve.

The moment you’ll start feeling you’re complete in yourself, be like, you won’t need to go & search for happiness in others! Other people can’t be medicine, ’til u wanna get alright! You know, It would be a better love when the person who chooses you is complete too. And sees your completeness. And you can both sit there with your hands in the spaces of one another and recognize: there’s no completing this time around. There’s adding on. There is complimenting one another. But there’s no completing because you’re not any missing pieces.


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