Oops! She fell!


The sun shone,
The wind blew,
And the heart….
Well, the heart just smiled.
An immense pleasure touches every bit of her,
When his head pops out in crowd behind a stranger.
He’s so used to his features,
That he doesnt know how beautiful he looks to her.
His eyes? His smile? His words? His dreams?
What took her heart away, is still an unknown scene.
Does he know that he’s the perfect guy with all his imperfections.
Does he know that he’s the all that she wants in her prayers and silent intentions.
She used to say that she doesn’t need anyone.
She used to chant that she’s the only one.
Unaware of the plans of god
Unaware from the turn he has played on the board.
She forgot to tie her shoes…
Oops! She fell!
Oops! She felt!
The feeling she didn’t get from ages.
The feeling she has a heart too,that was saved in some cages.
This is a happy world.
This is her world.
Is this temporary or permanent?
Is this something else or attachment?
She just doesn’t want any answers right now.
Let-it-be-&-go-with-the-flow ‘re her favourite lines for now.
Live this moment.
Make happy face.
Share the funny jokes.
& cheers to this moment’s play.
Her universe ‘ll never be same,
So she just gave hi5 to the sky on his name.
What life has in store for her,
Is the subject of future.
Are absurd words for her.
There’s one thing she can’t deny
Goodbye…argh..won’t be easy!
But she doesn’t believe in apologizing for how she feels.
Feelings… Just are!


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