She bites her nails,

He clicks his pen.

She’s strolling around,

He lives in his den.

In spite of being strangers,

They steal each other’s time.

In spite of not being together,

They trust the timing of their lives.

She fell in love with him,

Having faith in his existence.

As he’s the only one,

Who’s alive in her thoughts with persistence.

He makes her wanna be better.

He makes her wanna be sane.

He makes her wanna be beautiful,

In her simple little ways.

He can’t really explain what it is,

But the moment his thoughts get a glimpse of her,

Brings what’s-happening-to-me-question-mark.


He fell in love with the way she makes him smile.

The way she motivates him,

Totally fades away his cry.

Even though she may be miles apart,

But he still feels like she’s right here in his heart.

Every thought when-we’ll-meet,

Brings Titillation-attack to their minds.

Waiting for destiny’s big picture,

Is like playing hide and seek with their kinds.

But they know one thing very well,

That they don’t deserve any less in each stage’s farewell.

One day he’ll appear in full regalia.

One day she’ll set foot in with refinement.

By the time they meet,

They’ll be quipped enough to commit oneself to each other.

By the time they meet,

Their want to love each other will be inveterated.

No matter how long it takes,

I hope they know they are worth the wait….

They are worth the wait!


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