A Pretty Picture



She paints a pretty picture
With her beloved stuffed ducks
Their feathers are too bright
Their songs are too sweet and wild
Their never-ending lust to roam around
Their art to laugh-out-loud
Their countless crazy thoughts
Their all-time favourite walks
Their highly-rated hobby is to tease
Their love to fantasize in cool breeze
Their numerous here-to-go schemes
Their talent to solve all the if-&-but possibilities
Their “wat-d-hell-is-wrong?” pops up the concern
Their infinite trial to cool down the burn
Their long-time planning to give surprise on the bdayz
Their random-weird acts make everyday a fun day
Their first meeting is mere a co-incidence
Their wish to stay together is a decision taken in full sense
But their time is flying away
Soon they’ll swim on the separate ponds
But the will to meet
Somehow will let them search the other’s spot
As Life’s too short to miss someone
So why not to land & escort
At that time
She’ll look at this picture
She wouldn’t ditch her route to happiness!
And a thought will cross her mind:
She painted a pretty picture
With her beloved stuffed ducks…!!!

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